2012-12-16 to 20: 1st International Conference on Frontiers in Computational Physics: Modeling the Earth System, Boulder, CO, USA


Computational science complements the classical paradigm of theory and observation, and leads where neither is available. In particular, computational models play an essential role in diagnosis and prognosis of all elements of the Earth System, from solar variablity through space weather, geomechanics, terrestrial climate and weather, down to ground water flow. This inaugural four-day Conference on Frontiers in Computational Physics will provide a forum for exchanging and sharing experiences, knowledge and on advanced computational techniques, methods, and models for simulation of the Earth System.With computational aspects in focus, the physical emphasis is on natural problems that are complex, coupled and multiscale.


  • Global systems and complexity models
  • Global and regional climate, uncertainty quantification
  • Solar variability and space weather
  • Weather, deep atmosphere, planetary boundary layer, air quality
  • Ocean, anisotropy, eddy resolving computations
  • Water cycle, glaciology, ground water flow
  • Geology and geomechanics
  • Multiscale interactions, turbulence, extreme events, subgrid-scale parameterizations