The Logo of the Complex Systems Analysis Laboratory is artist’s impression of the Delphic Omphalos.
The Marble construction of Omphalos was found in the area Northeast of the temple of Apollo, probably reproducing the form of the Omphalos in the Adyton where the oracle was given.
The carving of a knotted net covering the surface of Omphalos is a representation of the Social Communication Network of Delphi (the Web of these days) in which Delphi served as a hub.
The word Omphalos is also the Greek translation of the word Hub.
The Omphalos represents also the strong and Interdependence of Complex Systems, which is the qualifying feature of Complex Systems, as pointed out by Ilya Prigogine.
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The Hellenic Communication Web, is beautifully described by Angelos Sikelianos in
Thymeli A, Reflections on the Idea of Regeneration of Tragedy:

“In the beginning of the 6th century BC an enormous fermentation takes place in the entire Hellenic Atmosphere.
Within the horizon of Hellenic Temples, the personality of Pythagoras takes shape.
Wherever he goes, he directs himself to the Temple, the Heart and the Mind of the society at that time.
In Crete with Epimenides in the Temples of Zeus Idaios
In Ilis, during the Olympic Games
In Delphi between the Amphictyones
In Elefsis he presides over the Mysteries
Everywhere he transmits to the Hierarchies, and via them to all active citizens of Greece,
the most complete information…”